Edward Weiner & Edward Yarock Equine Scholarship Fund’s Dave Yarock is named Monticello-Goshen Chapter’s Amateur Driver of the Year

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Thank You Letters From Our Recipients

I HAVE successfully completed and graduated Oklahoma Horseshoeing School!!!
I arrived back from Oklahoma Horseshoeing School around December 1 and am thrilled to be back home. Most importantly I am thankful that the good Lord has led me this way, in His will, to help me shoe horses on my own. Also I am thankful to have acquired the knowledge & skill to give me the drive & desire to keep learning more and more about this career in steel. I have high hopes of helping horses & having a satisfying career. It is beyond my comprehension.
Now being out of school, I have been back at the Pinehurst Harness track working and conditioning the Victory Junction Horses for 2016-2017 training season. We have two coming 2 year olds that I will be shoeing and 3 other older horses. I am available at the track each day working and available, if needed, to tack a shoe on or pull a sprung shoe off. I have 9 more to trim at the farm and will start trimming outside clients as soon as I can get my business cards up. I need to be able to shoe 3 or 4 (or more) a day so my body needs conditioning. One thing I have learned: if you can shoe a Standardbred horse, then you can basically SHOE anything, because of Standards having a gait to them, which means a deep science!! I am LEARNING!
God bless you all and I hope to soon have pictures of me applying my craft here. I have included a picture of my diploma, my graduating photo (I am the tall one in the middle) some pics of me at my craft during school and me, back home, jogging at horse at the barn in Pinehurst. 
Matthew “Matt” Hess 
I just wanted to thank you for awarding me your scholarship! Words can not describe how grateful I am. The money you gave me could not have come at a better time and I assure you, it will not be wasted. Thanks again! 
Suzanne Boudet
Thank you so much for awarding me this scholarship! I am truly honored to have received it. Horses and horse racing have always been my passion and my goal is to get an education that will give me the tools to make it better! I am very excited to be going to the University of Illinois next year and studying animal science. This financial support is a huge help and I am very grateful! 
Amy Narotsky
I wanted to thank you for the scholarship. It means so much to me. I appreciate you recognizing the importance of equines and students wishing to be involved with them. My horse, Carino, and I have a very busy summer of shows then a big move from Massachusetts to S. Carolina. Will keep you updated. 
Marissa Collins
Thank you for the Edward Weiner & Edward Yarock Equine Scholarship Fund. It will help tremendously in paying for my college education. I am very grateful for this scholarship and look forward to furthering my education. 
Amy Turner
We really appreciate the scholarship money you grated to us. Thank you so much! It will really help us and our family with our college necessities. 
Brianna & Savina Reid
Thank you for your contribution to my education. It is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact me at any time about my educational pursuits. 
Riyah Myers
Thank you for choosing me as a recipient of your scholarship. It is very much appreciated. 
Braden Watson
Thank you very much for the very generous reward you gave me for college. This scholarship is greatly appreciated and will assist with my pursuit of ultimately becoming an equine veterinarian. I cannot put into words my sincere appreciation for your conviction in me. My future and dream are made possible because of your scholarship. 
Brent Ashley
Thank you very much for choosing me as a recipient of the Edward Weiner and Edward Yarock Scholarship. I am extremely honored and grateful to receive this award. The scholarship will be very helpful throughout the school year as I finish up my last 3 quarters of actual classwork and prepare to enter clinics in May. Currently, I have had a very exciting summer of advancing my knowledge in equine sports medicine and participating in several rodeos throughout the northeast. Within the next few weeks my summer will be coming to an end, and I will be heading back to Ohio to prepare for the beginning of the quarter. Thanks again for the encouragement and support as I continue with my academic career. It is greatly appreciated. 
Chad Calice
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in this scholarship fund. From David Yarock and the committee members to all those who have made donations – I am very grateful. As everyone knows, a college education in today’s age is one of the most expensive bills an American family faces. Without the help and support of scholarships like yours, I would not be able to afford college at the University of Findlay. Because of your generous contribution last year, I was able to go to a very exclusive veterinary study abroad tour in Japan. Myself, and two other students were selected by University of Findlay professors for this program after filling out an extensive application. The study tour lasted 4 weeks long and covered many aspects of veterinary medicine and Japanese culture. I was able to make many connections to Japanese people in the Veterinary field that I can keep in contact with later in both my professional and personal life. I was also able to learn techniques at Rakuno Gakuen University that my peers will not learn until they reach veterinary school. For the rest of summer 2011, I am working as a veterinary technician and learning as much as I an during my months off from school. Thank you for your continuous support in helping my dream of becoming an equine veterinarian! 
Chelsea Fahy

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