Our scholarship fund began in 2008 and honors the memories of my father, Edward Yarock, and my stepfather, Dr. Edward Weiner. Both men were kind hearted, empathetic and inspirational to all who came into contact with them.

Our main priority since inception was to provide scholarships to individuals pursuing higher education related to the equine and harness racing industries. This year, we have changed the primary goal to provide emotional comfort to those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and other life challenges. With the onslaught of Covid-19, we want to provide a place where people could interact with retired race horses to help alleviate their life’s pressures. All this will take place at our fifty acre horse farm in the Catskills. Individuals would undertake caring for the horse, riding if they so desired, and enjoying the general ambiance of nature.

Featured Song: We Are The World by Michael Jackson

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